What is Sidegra ?

Sidegra is the brand name for Thailand Generic Viagra clone it is 100 % Sildenafil Citrate , Identical to Viagra. It is made by GPO Thailand .

Sidegra is the most popular and trusted erectile dysfunction drug in Thailand , Sidegra is made under extremely hygienic conditions by The Government Pharmaceutical organisation Thailand , it is prescribed by all Thai hospitals and Impotence specialists in Thailand , it comes in blister packs of four that is date stamped and with serial number . 


What is Kamagra ?

Kamagra is the brand name for Indian Generic Viagra clone which is also 100 % Sildenafil Citrate , Identical to Viagra . It is made by Ajanta India

What is Apcalis ?

Apcalis is the Brand name for Indian Generic Cialis Clone , it is 100 % Tadanafil . It is Identical to Cialis , it is also made by Ajanta.

What is Valif ?

Valif is generic brand name for levitra it is 100% Vardenafil , it is a

PDE5 inhibitor approved for erectile dysfunction it has the added effect of being an effective medication in controlling premature ejaculation, it is made by Ajanta Pharma and is the most popular levitra clone available in south east Asia. 

Is it Genuine ?

It is 100 % Genuine , We only stock real original and Genuine products , We offer 100 % money back Guarantee , we want your return business and to be known as the best and most trusted retailer of these products on the Internet . 

How do you ship ?

We ship Via Thai registered post which has tracking and is fast , we have 100%  success rate in International deliveries, and we ship everywhere.



Where are you located ?

We are located in Bangkok Thailand and we have been selling ED drugs to Bangkok Tourists , expats and Thai Nationals from our walk in Shop for many years.

What dosages do Sidegra , Kamagra and Apcalis come in ?

Sidegra comes in 50 mg and 100 mg only , if another seller offers you higher dosage drugs it is more than likely Fake , Genuine Thai Sidegra only comes in 2 strengths 50 mg and 100 mg .

Kamagra only comes in 100 mg , again if someone is offering higher mg it is most likely fake.

Apcalis comes in 20 mg only , if another seller offers you higher mg it is also fake. 

Please be aware of this when purchasing Generic ED drugs online.

We only sell Genuine Products .

Am I allowed to bring it into my country ?

In most circumstances you are allowed to bring in a reasonable quantity of Medication for self use , They are not controlled substances and should be used to treat genuine medical conditions , If you have doubts to the legality of the products in your country you should consult the relevant agency , we take no responsibility for your legal rights to purchase in your country . We have sent our products to countries all over the world and they have yet to be held by customs . If you have any further questions feel free to email us at your convenience.

What are the safety precautions for your products ?

All products come with documentation in English which should be understood before consumption , 

Read the following links regarding side effects etc .